Bosch 1100 18B

Code: BOSCH-TR-1100-18B
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Hydraulic Controlled Instantaneous Water Heater

Extremely robust device. Resistant to air bubbles and salt build-up due to special heater element (solenoid heating element). The device is suitable for all types of water.

Function selector to switch between 2/3 and full power ("e" and "II").

Automatic partial load control with 50% of power when inflowing a small amount of water.

Seamless back panel for easy assembly and a large cable duct on the back for installation directly on the wall.

Loading (Watt) 18.000
Loading (Watt) 12.000
Dimensions (mm) 236x472x137
Cable Diameter (mm²) 4 x 6
Power Supply (Ph-Volt-Hz) 3N-380~415V-50
Weight (Kg) 4,1
Guarantee Two (2) years